• Multi- Plaintiff race discrimination and disparate impact case filed against large low cost retailer in Little Rock, Arkansas and recovered more than $1.6 million dollars for 31 employees.

  • Multi Plaintiff race discrimination against multistate trucking company for racial discrimination and disparate treatment in Memphis, Tennessee recovered  $900,000.00 for 17 employees.

  • Multi Plaintiff wage and hour lawsuit against municipality in Shelby County, Tennessee and recovered for $600,000.00 owed to employees.

  • Wrongful death action against communications corporation recovered $750,000.00 on behalf of widow in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Wrongful death OB/GYN malpractice action filed in Memphis, Tennessee and recovered more than $250, 000 for the family of the deceased child.

  • Multi District Litigation Product Liability Fen-Phen recovered $200,000 for a single Plaintiff.

  • Wellbutrin Product Liability Action $500,000 Settlement Single Plaintiff.

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